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Empowering New Brunswick’s Youth for 30 Years - partner-for-youth-hero-tl

Empowering New Brunswick’s Youth for 30 Years

For three decades, Partners for Youth (PFY) has been dedicated to empowering and supporting youth at risk in New Brunswick. Founded in 1994 by Jim Ross, the organization has been committed to providing long-term support and care for youth at risk, providing them with access to critical services such as access to counseling therapy, in school support and guidance. For the past 17 years, PFY’s board of directors, dedicated staff and volunteers have been tenaciously fighting for the youth in the province, looking to create lasting change.

Today, more than ever, PFY is looking for corporate sponsors and private donors to support the organization and help continue to make a positive difference for the youth who most need help.

Advocating for Youth at all Levels of Government

Jim recognized that creating sustainable change in the community required not only government buy-in, but also the involvement of the community. Both have been a driving force in PFY’s successes over the last decade. Currently, the organization is funded by a combination of philanthropic foundations, government grants, private individual donations, corporate sponsorships and fundraising events.

“As I look towards the next year I remain as committed, motivated and energetic as I have ever been maintaining a clear focus on the needs of at risk youth in our province.”

PFY Connect has Revolutionized Timely Care

One of the organization’s most successful new programs has been PFY Connect, which has already provided essential and timely access to counseling therapy to over 70 youth within 7 days of their request. PFY Connect partners with schools, businesses, and organizations to provide young people with the opportunity to connect with private counselling therapy in their local community. Up to 8 sessions are provided to each youth free of charge. Transportation is covered if needed and staff from PFY support youth before and after each session.

PFY Connect along with our other programs have all experienced success in providing youth with positive growth experiences; and we look forward to continued growth in the services these programs provide. In all, we have engaged with over 1000 youth through 2022; an achievement we are all very proud to share.

Empowering New Brunswick’s Youth for 30 Years - partners-for-youth-image-kids-boat
Empowering New Brunswick’s Youth for 30 Years - partners-for-youth-image-kids-pointing

Supporting and Empowering Youth

In addition to their PFY Connect program, PFY is proud to provide youth with the life changing opportunity to attend summer camp. PFY runs 14-16 camps annually from their site on North Lake, on the St. Croix International Waterway, which features some of the most beautiful paddling in Eastern Canada. These camps are designed to give youth the opportunity to experience nature and develop life-long skills.

Corporate Support: The Key to PFY’s Success

PFY has succeeded in their mission to support and empower the youth of New Brunswick because of the generosity and ongoing corporate support. Their donations fund a variety of initiatives, including the expansion of Youth Works, an innovative employment and career development program for youth in care.

Jim had a long term vision 30 years ago. PFY is looking for corporate stewards to share in Jim’s vision to ensure the youth can count on the programs that are making such a difference in their lives. This long-term financial support is essential to their continued success.

“The decisions we make today greatly impact the lives of tomorrow”

Making a Difference for the Youth of New Brunswick

Donors can direct their funds to help support the organization’s programs, as well as make a commitment to long-term support for the youth of New Brunswick. It is important to remember that the decisions we make today greatly impact the lives of tomorrow, and with the help of corporate sponsors and donors, PFY can continue to make a real difference. With the help of these corporate stewards, the organization can support and empower the youth of New Brunswick for years to come.

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