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Celebrating 50 years of building in a thoughtful manner

About Us - aerial-construction

Ross Ventures is a real estate development and management company with a 50 year history of diverse entrepreneurship in southern New Brunswick. As a company we are well positioned to draw from our local market knowledge to continue to build and grow in a thoughtful manner.

Founded in 1970 by Jim Ross, the company began in hospitality and followed quickly by real estate, media, aquaculture and a number of other private ventures.

We are now a focused real estate development and management company with over 300,000 square feet of office space in Fredericton and newly developed residential communities and retail properties.

Our Vision

Positively impact the communities we live in by creating extraordinary spaces for people to live in and make their living in.

Strive to be the best in our field while creating a lasting legacyin the community outside of our business’ interests.

Our Mission

Our objective is to be respected as thoughtful developers and community builders, to continue to grow our real estate portfolio with the values the company was built on.

We intend to grow and diversify by creating and managing properties with enduring value, through constant re-investment in what matters to our tenants, what they can see and what makes the buildings function well.

Our Guiding Principals


Thoughtful and Intentional We are building, renovating, and maintaining the places where people live, and make their living – the magnitude of this responsibility drives our passion for designing and delivering beautiful, productive, inspiring and efficient spaces.


We are Building Our Community as Well as Real Estate We invest in physical assets but more importantly in doing the right things in our community and for its citizens. We encourage volunteerism, community pride and support of those in need.


Forward Looking and Forward Thinking Community Opportunity lies in understanding the future. We need to constantly look ahead and around to foresee the opportunities in front of us, and weave these insights into our business – today and tomorrow.


Innovation We seek inspiration by curiously observing other businesses and other markets. By continually questioning how things can be done better, how our businesses can function better – we will always be the innovators in our community.


Integrity Integrity guides us in our business, in our interactions with the community, our tenants and our colleagues. Our history of integrity has opened doors and solidified our reputation in the community, and our ongoing commitment to integrity will drive our future success.


Welcoming Everyone we interact with should feel welcome, valued, respected, and that they have a voice at the table. Not only are we approachable, we also go out of our way to make people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. We respect and cherish diverse opinions from unconventional backgrounds. By listening to experts, and non-experts in the field, we see things differently.


We See the Big picture and its Details We are sensitive to the details both small and large that matter to the people in our buildings and in our community, we believe in continuously working to improve how things look, function and are proud of our responsiveness to any issues that may arise.

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